Studio Georges Hung is known to catch the spirit and essence of every project it touches. It generates unexpected connections within the local and global communities through creative, thought provoking, cutting-edge and practical designs. Derived from the driving desire to release all “excess air” around a new design, SGH cultivates and stimulates every project to extract its creative, imaginative and inventive core.

SGH is a design-led creative design consultancy, blurring the boundaries between urban context and public realm, between architecture and landscape, and between interior and exterior. We work within the in-between realm of the tangible and intangible.
In a collective, multi-disciplinary and collaborative experience, SGH works around the globe from Asia to Europe and to North America, across different scales and typologies, spanning geographical and cultural boundaries.

SGH’s ultimate goals are to engender the highly creative, imaginative and inventive spirit in every project; to respond to the client’s goals and objectives; and ultimately to contribute added value to society through innovative design.

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