Our Expertise

Studio Georges Hung crafts integrated and cohesive designs, providing imaginative and inventive solutions for stakeholders in both the private and public sectors. We work regionally and globally in sectors such as urban planning/master planning,

architecture, interior design and consultancy. Each is responsive to a different scale within our environment. We approach each domain with the same creative vigor and energy no matter how big or small.

Cities are the driving force of contemporary life. The urban plan is the very heart of our economy, society and culture. We believe in designing active and humane urban landscapes that are integrated with the built environment, sensitive to the quality of life for the users, creating added value for the urban context and ecologically sustainable. Along with landscape, infrastructure, and architecture, a successful urban context is a masterful and creative orchestration of people, transportation, buildings, landscape and open space.

With more than 20 years of international experience and over hundreds of projects spanning the globe from North America to Europe and Asia, we believe that great design comes from a deep understanding of the social and cultural context in which we are working, as well as of the clients needs and aspirations. We research and analyse project data such as site, program, urban constraints, context, users patterns, etc.in order to map out a clear strategy of all issues that shape a project.

Through the multitudes of architectural typologies, we excel in mixed use, commercial-retail, high rise towers, residential, hospitality-resort, culture, and educational facilities. We strive for highly informed, specific and creative excellence in every single project, no matter how small or big. Our unique structure allows us to provide world-class global architectural design expertise combined with local practice know-how to deliver design excellence wherever the project may be located.

Interior and exterior are unambiguously linked. We believe in the interior expressing a coherent language with the exterior. There is a constant dialogue between outside and inside: it becomes an integral experience. Our approach to interiors relies on the same methodology and process as the architecture. It is based heavily on research, data collection, analysis and understanding the constraints. Across the diverse typology

of interior projects, whether residential, educational, commercial, cultural, or hospitality interiors, we understand the nature of the interiors and its detail-oriented attention. It is a world of materiality, of the sensuality of space, and how they flow together; it is constructing an universe that speaks through materials and light.

Sometimes it is just extremely helpful to talk to an architect without apprehension or obligation. Speaking to an architect who thinks in spatial experience, in material composition, and constructability can help to gain valuable opinions, flush out ideas and  avoid misconceptions that can certainly block wise and sound decisions. We love to share our expertise and experience. We are easily accessible.  We can review your potential project either in design stage or in construction stage to give you informed facts to help with decision-making process.

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